NASCENT WITCH, NaNoWriMo, New Project, and More!

Happy November, everyone! It has been a whirlwind for me since the release of NASCENT WITCH, which I can't quite believe has been in the world for over 3 weeks already. I've had some lovely shout-outs from friends and readers in that time:   And a very exciting mention from Den of Geek (I might … Continue reading NASCENT WITCH, NaNoWriMo, New Project, and More!

Chapter One of NASCENT WITCH

Witchtember is coming to a close! I've had a wonderful time promoting NASCENT WITCH by diving into all things witchy. As we creep ever closer to release day, I've decided to share the first chapter of the novel so you can have a taste of what this book is all about. Without further ado, I … Continue reading Chapter One of NASCENT WITCH

Tea & Tarot: Witchtember Reading Number Two

Today, I'm using a whimsical deck that I found in a New Age shop a while back and that, as a fan of Through the Looking-Glass in particular, I had to take home with me: The Wonderland Tarot by Morgana Abbey and Christopher John Abbey. One of the things I love about the chessboard structure … Continue reading Tea & Tarot: Witchtember Reading Number Two


In case you missed it, this past week I revealed the cover of NASCENT WITCH to the world via my social media accounts. I'm so happy with how this book looks! And very glad to say that it will be out in the world on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. While writing NASCENT WITCH, I was … Continue reading NASCENT WITCH Cover Reveal

Music Monday (Witchtember Edition): Songs for a Modern-Day Witch

Happy Music Monday! And Happy #Witchtember Week 2! Today, I'm sharing a witchy playlist inspired by NASCENT WITCH, my upcoming novel about a witch balancing her new powers alongside a millennial hustle. I like to think that Sela, the witch in question, would appreciate this list. After all, you can't make magic happen without a … Continue reading Music Monday (Witchtember Edition): Songs for a Modern-Day Witch

NASCENT WITCH Witchtember Sneak Peek: Meet Sela

There's something to be said for that old sleuthing move we've all seen used in one TV show or another: digging through someone's purse in the hopes of discerning more about them. As a first sneak peek into the world of my upcoming novel NASCENT WITCH, I'm introducing you to my main character: Sela Glaser. … Continue reading NASCENT WITCH Witchtember Sneak Peek: Meet Sela

Happy Witchtember!

During this magical month of September, I am counting down the weeks leading to the release of my debut novel, NASCENT WITCH! In order to celebrate this big moment, I'm launching Witchtember. What's that, you ask? Basically, Witchtember is a month-long party with a magical theme at its core: all things witch. So what can … Continue reading Happy Witchtember!