Review Highlights

“A young woman’s initiation as a witch brings her past back to haunt her in this contemporary fantasy novel…Bobe conjures up an appealingly relatable heroine…Humor lightens the novel as well. Meanwhile, the magical elements are all the more thrillingly strange and wonderful, sometimes deeply unsettling. The satisfying ending will leave readers hooked and hoping for more of Sela’s story. An entertaining, engaging blend of millennial romance, occult fantasy, and witch-chick lit.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“With an initially brisk pace that settles into a steady simmer, author Melissa Bobe takes a cauldron of familiarity and nonetheless brews it into something undeniably engaging and entertaining that is sure to keep readers turning the page…The accessible, organic prose of Nascent Witch acts as a foundational soil, channeling an ability to bring the magic of its scenarios and scenes to life with dazzling bursts of colorful descriptors that feel natural amidst the more earthen language.”
-The BookLife Prize Critic’s Report

“Bobe’s debut is a cute and charming novel about a young witch just doing her best and is also filled with romance and found family…A perfect read for fall.”

“Bobe’s motley collection of short stories delivers drama, weird creatures, and horrors. In the opening story, ‘Fins,’ a woman gradually develops gills and a tail…This is just one of a handful of genres that Bobe expertly tackles…The theme of family ties the diverse tales together, from a cabal of witches with secrets in their past to the fractured unity of a father, sons, and daughter whose matriarch has left them. The author excels at driving readers toward unexpected turns…It all culminates in a doozy of an ending. Bobe’s vibrant metaphors…only strengthen this inventive, creepy collection. Eclectic tales take readers through jolts, inspired moments, and endless awe.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“Bobe delivers a series of endlessly engaging tales of mystery and humanity centered in fantastical scenarios, each voraciously readable and wonderfully conceptualized…sure to hook the reader with verve…Bobe succeeds in weaving a powerful mystery throughout her tales that imbue the material with an enduring vivacity. [Her] characters jump to life in short order, each selected with care to lead their individual story, and with enough space left between for the reader to inhabit all their own.”
-The BookLife Prize Critic’s Report


Melissa was interviewed by the delightful H. M. Gooden for an episode of the Writers Showcase podcast and the episode aired on March 5, 2021. View the interview on YouTube here, the Facebook Watch version here, or enjoy the audio via Apple podcasts here.

In September 2019, Melissa had the opportunity to appear as a guest on her favorite podcast for writers, 88 Cups of Tea. Her interview was attached to the end of Jason Reynolds’s episode, and Melissa couldn’t have been more thrilled to get to share radio space with one of the writers she most admires. You can listen to the full episode here.

During Indie April 2020, Melissa’s novella Sibyls was featured by fabulous book blogger Beth Tabler as a part of her #IndieSpotlight series. You can read the feature and check out the rest of Beth’s amazing book blog here.

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