NASCENT WITCH Witchtember Sneak Peek: Meet Sela

There’s something to be said for that old sleuthing move we’ve all seen used in one TV show or another: digging through someone’s purse in the hopes of discerning more about them.

As a first sneak peek into the world of my upcoming novel NASCENT WITCH, I’m introducing you to my main character: Sela Glaser. Now, I can’t say much about Sela yet, but I’ve taken this opportunity to dump out her bag and give you a snapshot of what you might find her toting around on any given day.

What can we learn from this handful of items? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

  1. The purse itself: Vintage, a little beat-up, possibly a hand-me-down from her mom, this bag is more function than statement. Would Sela like to have a fancy leather purse? Sure. Does she have the budget for one? Keep dreaming, witch!
  2. Perfume: Now, you might be thinking this means you’ve met a high-fashion witch with her own signature scent that she luxuriates in each morning. But remember, this bottle’s not in a bathroom cabinet or on a vanity: it’s in Sela’s purse. Anyone who’s ever had to run from job to job without a break in between knows that sometimes, a little spritz of scent is the only way to freshen up. And Sela is no stranger to running around!
  3. A crystal: No witch should ever leave home without one! Sela may be busy, but she’s also prepared (sort of).
  4. A phone headset: What if a client calls? What if a job opportunity opens up? What if Sela was so fixated on her daily hustle that she left the stove on and now her landlord is calling to scream at her because the apartment’s on fire?
  5. A mirror: Every once in a while, a busy witch needs to check her appearance. Besides, what if she meets a guy somewhere other than on one of the many nightmare dating apps in her phone? It could happen. It could!
  6. Lipstick: If she does happen to run into a unicorn—erm, a nice guy, it never hurts to have a little pop of color handy, just in case. Seriously, what else is she going to do, borrow makeup from a coworker? That would be weird.
  7. Pressed flowers: As an artist, Sela works with natural materials, so she’s always looking to pick up bits of nature that might come in useful at a later time.
  8. $1.60: What part of “struggling artist on an insane budget” did you not get? What, is she supposed to have more cash than this on her?
  9. That stray hair tie that is always the last thing to come out of the bag: Who can ever find one of these when they actually need one?

I hope these clues have given you a little bit of an idea of who Sela is! And I can’t wait for you to get to know her better.

Don’t worry, there’s much more to come throughout Witchtember! Until then, I hope no one’s going through your bag (and if they are, I hope whatever they find is totally juicy and all sorts of mysterious),

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