Tea & Tarot: Witchtember Reading Number Four

For this week’s reading, I’m using the Tarot of Pagan Cats, an adorable little deck created by Lo Scarabeo. With four floofy felines roaming my home, I just had to include this deck in my Witchtember divination!

As you can see, I’ve set out a piece of lapis lazuli to channel clarity into today’s reading. I’ve also selected a rich tea that I typically reserve for dessert: English Tea Shop’s Chocolate Super Berry Burst. And because of the intensity of both the tea and the gemstone, not to mention the theme of the deck itself, I had to use my “catffeinated” mug! A friend’s mom sent this to me years ago and it has made me smile every time I’ve drunk from it.

Let’s get started, shall we?

This spread is recommended by the deck’s guidebook, which designates them as:

  1. The overall meaning or message of the reading
  2. The impact on the questioner’s mind and intellect
  3. The impact on the questioner’s spiritual existence
  4. The impact on the questioner’s emotions
  5. The impact on the questioner’s body and physicality

It’s not a spread that I’ve used often, but I do appreciate the simplicity as well as the straightforwardness. Many spreads lead up to a meaning or an answer, whereas here, the answer is given immediately so that the questioner has a chance to unpack it.

In position 1 is Temperance. In this deck, the card represents synergy: a bringing together of everything just as it should be brought together. Balance is of course a central theme here, but so is timing and organic cohesion.

The next card is the Knave of Pentacles, which symbolizes a novice in the world of finance and the material. As it relates to this particular position, it suggests learning to manage money or to budget new financial growth as it comes.

The third card I’ve drawn is The Lovers. In the Tarot of Pagan Cats, The Lovers is all about choosing and choosing well. The questioner knows she’s made the right call, and she can relax into that knowledge and reap the benefits of her good decision-making. With the card in this position, the spirit should feel at ease.

The next card is the Four of Wands, which builds on the good choices of The Lovers in the previous position: this card is also about enjoying rewards. In this case, a plan was made, and the questioner saw it through to the end, possibly with collaborators who can also feel celebratory now the results have presented as successful.

Finally, we have The Sun card. Very simply put, this card represents great happiness. And what better way to end a reading for the day?

That’s it for this magical deck of cats! I hope you’ve enjoyed these Witchtember readings as I’ve celebrated the lead-up to NASCENT WITCH.

Until next time, I wish you great happiness!

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