Upcoming Publication: Sibyls

Happy New Year! 2020 is just a lovely number to look at, and I'm hoping that the year (really the decade) turns out to be just as attractive, especially as it relates to all things writing. With that said... I have news. Exciting news. In just a few short weeks, I will be putting out … Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Sibyls

February Convention: Boskone

Every February, prolific authors, super-fans, and aspiring writers gather in Boston for a small sci-fi/fantasy convention with a lot of heart. Boskone was one of the first major writing-related events that Eva and I attended together, and we had a total blast! While we were planning our trip, we referred to the event as our … Continue reading February Convention: Boskone

Twitter Event: Magical Monday

If you've read the About page for this site, then you know that every week, I cohost a Twitter chat for writers and fantasy fans called Magical Monday (@MagicMonWords) along with the other members of #BLKH, my amazing writing critique group. Magical Monday was Eva's brainchild, and since she came up with it last year, … Continue reading Twitter Event: Magical Monday