Witchy Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Rememory Witchtember Prompt

Happy Writing Wednesday! This witchy edition of your weekly prompt is brought to you by Witchtember, of course, and by Rememory, one of my favorite writing tools and part of Storymatic Studios. I love drawing from Rememory, much in the way I enjoy doing a tarot reading for myself. It's a meditative practice of sorts, … Continue reading Witchy Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Rememory Witchtember Prompt

Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Prompt (Month of Love Edition)

It's the last day of the month of love, and Storymatic gave me another wonderful winter writing prompt to work with! As you can tell from my previous post about Storymatic, I find their prompt cards really inspirational and fun to write from. In case you're having trouble reading them in the above photograph, the … Continue reading Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Prompt (Month of Love Edition)

Writing Wednesday: Postcard Prompts

I have a purple plastic suitcase that is chock full of writing prompts. What do they have in common? They're all postcards! I started collecting postcards whenever I traveled as a way of grabbing an inexpensive souvenir that didn't take up too much space. My collection has become pretty massive (it's a respectably-sized plastic suitcase!), … Continue reading Writing Wednesday: Postcard Prompts

Writing Hive Event: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I had an amazing weekend of writing, thanks to my critique group and the amazing community of writers I am so lucky to be a part of. I've been planning Writing Hive events each month since last November, and most of them have been dinners. But this month, I thought it would be fun to … Continue reading Writing Hive Event: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Writing Wednesday: Rememory

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Wednesday writing prompt using cards made by The Storymatic. I'm such a fan of them that I went ahead and also got myself Rememory, which is put out by the same folks who made The Storymatic. However, Rememory is meant to help a writer tap into her … Continue reading Writing Wednesday: Rememory

Music Monday

Many writers I know not only need to listen to music as they work, but some even require scene-specific playlists! Personally, I can write with or without music, depending on my mood and environment. However, I really love looking to other creative mediums for inspiration, so when I'm not sure of what to write, I … Continue reading Music Monday

Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Prompt

If you're stuck for inspiration today, join me in a writing prompt courtesy of The Storymatic! When I was walking around the showroom floor of the Javits Center during BookExpo/BookCon last year, there was one booth I kept passing that drew my interest. Behind the people in the booth was a backdrop of bold, colorful … Continue reading Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Prompt