Writing Hive Event: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I had an amazing weekend of writing, thanks to my critique group and the amazing community of writers I am so lucky to be a part of. I've been planning Writing Hive events each month since last November, and most of them have been dinners. But this month, I thought it would be fun to … Continue reading Writing Hive Event: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

February Convention: Boskone

Every February, prolific authors, super-fans, and aspiring writers gather in Boston for a small sci-fi/fantasy convention with a lot of heart. Boskone was one of the first major writing-related events that my critique partner Eva and I attended together, and we had a total blast! While planning our trip, we referred to the event as … Continue reading February Convention: Boskone

Words for the New Year

Happy 2018, fellow writers and bookworms! If you're a writer trying to break into the industry, someone along the way has probably told you to throw a website up somewhere. I've definitely been given this advice many times! But the more I thought about making an author site, the more resistant to the idea I … Continue reading Words for the New Year