Witchy Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Rememory Witchtember Prompt

Happy Writing Wednesday! This witchy edition of your weekly prompt is brought to you by Witchtember, of course, and by Rememory, one of my favorite writing tools and part of Storymatic Studios.

I love drawing from Rememory, much in the way I enjoy doing a tarot reading for myself. It’s a meditative practice of sorts, one that allows me to tap into creative sectors of my mind that I don’t necessarily always get to visit.

In case it’s difficult for you to see on your device, the two cards I’ve drawn for today’s witchy prompt read:


I’ve also included a postcard for some visual creative inspiration, as well as an unakite charm. This is a favorite gemstone of mine because of its meaning: unakite is all about togetherness and the idea that things or forces that come together do so because they are meant to grow with one another.

I think that’s a great way to describe the joining of two disparate words or ideas to form a new creative project in the form of a story, don’t you?

Anyway, wishing you all good words throughout your day!

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