I recently received my newest box of writing prompts from Storymatic Studios, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Synapsis is one of the writing tools I use when I’m looking to start a new story or get some journaling done. It’s a fun way to tease out the existing stuff that lives in your creative brain but is a little shy about announcing itself outright.

Anything that comes in a box that looks like this has to be great, am I right?

And, as with all of the other Storymatic creations (I’m a fan and have collected them all!), Synapsis is presented in beautiful, interesting, and creative ways. I love the layout of the cards, the box in which they come, and the add-ons that the awesome people at Storymatic Studios provide.

I think that my favorite thing about Synapsis is that the cards work on different levels: there are sentence-level aspects that they draw attention to, but there are big picture concerns addressed, as well. That simultaneity of the large and meaningful alongside the detailed and minute really helps me think through the many faces of a project, and what my process for engagement might need to look like as that project develops.

If you’re new to Storymatic Studios, I definitely recommend checking out what they have to offer! Writing tools come in many forms, but this is definitely one of my favorites.

Wishing you some very happy creative thinking in these sunny weeks of spring!


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