Writing Wednesday: Postcard Prompts

I have a purple plastic suitcase that is chock full of writing prompts. What do they have in common? They’re all postcards!

I started collecting postcards whenever I traveled as a way of grabbing an inexpensive souvenir that didn’t take up too much space. My collection has become pretty massive (it’s a respectably-sized plastic suitcase!), and I’ll often turn to the postcards for inspiration, using different combinations as writing prompts.

You’ll note that today, I’m also writing with an hourglass. Timed prompts help me because I’m a deadline-motivated person: I work best under pressure, and knowing that I only have a certain amount of minutes to write a flash fiction based off of a postcard prompt helps me write with efficiency and determination.

Do you collect anything that helps you as a writer? Do you work with timed prompts, as well? Tell me more about what’s keeping you writing through the week in the comments section!

As always, I hope your Wednesday is full of writing and sparkling inspiration,

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