Writing Wednesday: Rememory

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Wednesday writing prompt using cards made by The Storymatic. I’m such a fan of them that I went ahead and also got myself Rememory, which is put out by the same folks who made The Storymatic. However, Rememory is meant to help a writer tap into her own past for inspiration.

The term “rememory” is used in Toni Morrison’s stunning novel Beloved in reference to traumatic memory. In my doctoral studies, I’ve worked mainly in the field of trauma theory, where it is generally accepted that extreme experiences (i.e. traumatic events) are not incorporated into the narrative our minds typically build from ordinary experiences. Trauma is viewed as existing outside of narrative, often posing problems (because it’s hard to explain where you’re coming from if your past literally resists the words you try to use to talk about it).

Writing prompts that relate to memory are therefore really interesting to me. I don’t just mean traumatic memory (though I do think that the use of art therapies, including writing, have wonderful potential to help those who have survived trauma). I think memories are such strange and fascinating puzzles that offer much to the creative process, if we can find our way through them.

Rememory helps a writer navigate through memories using narrative, and at the same time, it prompts new narrative based on lived experience, which can be really generative. The prompt cards point writers towards a person, a time, and a particular action, which together jog the recollection of a particular memory.

And even if you don’t find yourself remembering something, the cards definitely offer a place to start writing. Today, I drew the following:




I’m looking forward to writing with these (and have a kitty statue nearby for luck, of course!). I hope they help you write something, as well, or that they help you create your own prompt for the day.

Until next time, I wish you inspiration and good writing thoughts,

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