Writing Wednesday: Storymatic Prompt

If you’re stuck for inspiration today, join me in a writing prompt courtesy of The Storymatic!

When I was walking around the showroom floor of the Javits Center during BookExpo/BookCon last year, there was one booth I kept passing that drew my interest. Behind the people in the booth was a backdrop of bold, colorful cards with words on them. When I got closer, I found that these were blown-up versions of The Storymatic, a collection of prompt cards for writers. I ended up getting a box for myself, and I’ve had a lot of fun using them since!

As you can see from the picture above, today I drew two cards with the potential for a fiction full of intrigue and dystopic happenings:


To keep things from feeling too serious, I’m also writing near a cheerful little paperweight that I have on my desk for luck. Join me as I write for twenty minutes today using these cards as my inspiration!

May your Wednesday be filled to the brim with wonderful words,

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