Words for the New Year

Happy 2018, fellow writers and bookworms!

If you’re a writer trying to break into the industry, someone along the way has probably told you to throw a website up somewhere. I’ve definitely been given this advice many times!

But the more I thought about making an author site, the more resistant to the idea I felt. After a while, I realized that this resistance was me feeling like a site dedicated to myself and my writing just wouldn’t cover my experience. I’m fortunate enough to be writing the kind of work that makes me proud, and to be following the necessary steps towards successful publication of that writing. But I didn’t get here by myself.

I’m in constant conversation with other writers, and we’re charting the course together! And I want my website to reflect the extreme gratitude I feel for the writers and industry professionals in my life. We give each other so much: time, energy, knowledge, support, courage, resources, and really great food! And I’ve been so deeply inspired by the writing events and gatherings I’ve attended in the last year that I decided my site needed to include those people who have truly made a difference for me and my writing.

So, you’ll find more here than just posts about me and my work (though there will be plenty of that, too!). I’ll be including adventures with writer friends, features on my favorite writing spots, reviews of books on the craft/industry, and so much more! Don’t be surprised if my cats make appearances, too.

And keep an eye out for updates on the adventures of The Writing Hive. Each month, I host events for the literary ladies in my life. Whether they’re dinners or write-ins, we always have a lovely time, because really: what could be better than hanging out with other writers?

Until my next post, I wish you the best of all words, whether they’re the ones you’re writing or they’re coming to you in the pages of a great book.

Happy New Year!

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